Monday, March 21, 2011

Tofu Picatta, Stuffed Shells and Alfredo Sauce... also smoothies

One must test their cooking class dishes before attempting them in a classroom setting, yes?

Luckily on Saturday I was fortunate enough to have willing participants eat the massive amounts of pasta and Italian deliciousness that is this coming Wednesday's Vegan Cooking Class: Italian Uses for Tofu (you can click on that link to register. Hint, hint).

Perhaps because we were enjoying stuffing our face with so much food and wine and beer, we didn't take pictures. Someone needs to remind me to take pictures. If you ever come over to eat my food, remind me, or just bring your own camera and take pictures. Seriously.

the main reason there are no pictures of food on this blog post

My immersion blender also arrived in the mail this week!!! It might possibly be the coolest new cooking toy to date! As you might imagine, not only did it get used on  the alfredo sauce, but also on smoothies the next morning. Uber yum.
~*Heavenly music plays*~

Sunday Smoothie for Two:
1 Mango
1 Orange
1 Apple
squeeze o' lemon juice
2 bananas

Cut up the fruit into about one inch pieces. Then use your amazing immersion blender until all fruit is in liquid form. (This is even more helpful if you drank too much with dinner the night before!)

Also, just because I think my readers might get a kick out of this:

Apparently 'restaurant' was just too hard to spell.

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  1. Ahem, and which awesome friend is to thank for the SWEET deal you got on that immersion blender??