Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vegan Cooking Class, March 16th

It is official! The William Byrd Community House will be host to a six week vegan cooking class, featuring me!!!

Here is the write-up from the website:

Vegan Cooking Class!

WBCH is offering a new class for all you would be cooks out there! We are very excited to be offering a Vegan cooking class starting March 16 and going on for six weeks with the last class being April 23rd. The classes will $50 for the series or $10 per class if taking them individually. These classes are open to the public . Please call or email Jessica Turner to sign up today!  (804)643-2717 ext 324
The vegan diet is free of all animal products including meat, eggs, dairy and any by products. Utilizing this diet correctly can embrace a healthful and environmentally conscience lifestyle.  The class will be taught by Jen Hurst, writer for the blog River City Vegan. WBCH is happy to be able to provide educational classes for the entire community.

How awesome is it that they give this blog a shout out? Totally awesome!


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