Monday, February 21, 2011

Homage to Black Sheep

Okay, I guess I am a fan girl of The Black Sheep restaurant on 901 W. Marshall Street. While they are in nooooo way a vegetarian restaurant, they do cater to veggie lovers in delightfully tasty ways. More than just having decent dishes for us Vegans to savor, they are all about local and seasonal, and unique ways of preparing their dishes. They only have at most, 15 tables, so you will often find at least five groups waiting around outside the restaurant that are hungry, and this time of the year, quite cold! Sometimes they will open up the back patio and serve mimosas to waiting brunch patrons on the weekends, and mostly in the warmer months.

Thursday I went here for a work lunch. Behold the Nuts and Berries Salad:
Nuts and Berries Salad from Black Sheep
(like seriously six different local leaf veggies, butternut squash,
fried parsnips, walnuts and a cranberry vinaigrette) OMG good!!!!

The cool thing about eating out and about at this, or any number of fantastic Richmond resturants, is the ability to snag recipies for personal use! One of my personal brunch staples was straight up snagged from the Black Sheep's winter breakfast menu. I present to you, the gloriously delicious and nutritious, Red Flannel Hash! (plays fanfare music)

potato, red beet, yellow beet, carrot, and red pepper combined
to make amazing delicious Red Flannel Hash!

diced veggies for the hash in the pan
Mmmm, beet-y-ness!
Cover the veggies with water and cook till all the water is gone.
Then add some oil, salt pepper and parsley and cook till slightly mashable with the spatula.
Serve with fruit! Yum!
As if I needed to convince you further about my love for the Black Sheep, I must confess that when my mom came up this Sunday for a rare visit to the big city, I had to take her here for brunch! Oh Battleship, oh! They are not sub sandwiches, they are Battleships! You can take a peak at their online menu, see: USS Wyoming, and imagine a full sized 22 in sandwich! Nom... nom, nom nom!

Also, my mom is a total rockstar:

My Mom is AWESOME!
In closing, Black Sheep, I <3 you!

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