Monday, February 7, 2011

Beets and Broccoli

Today was supposed to be mild, weather wise. It was not. But the day's chill was tempered with visit to the Urban Farmhouse Market in Shockoe Slip.

lunch: Behold a nutritious, delicious plate of yum!
Beet salad with orange, fennel and mint

Dinner was based on an amazing meal from last Friday's date night at Edo's Squid (Following a lovely evening strolling around downtown for First Friday Art Walk <3 ). The key to nailing Edo's recipe is to add quadruple the amount of garlic and olive oil that you normally would to your average pasta dish. The result is pure Italian scrumptious-ness!

Home version of Edo Squid's Broccoli Rabe
Because this is such a mundane blog, here is a fun video about a vegan zombie slayer making Daiya cheeze sticks. :-)

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