Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Perfectly Magical Dinner

A dear friend of mine dropped in to town for the evening. Of course, I had to feed her! She is a raw vegan, and the very epitome of beauty and health, both in and outwards.  There is something to be said for embodying a compassionate lifestyle! We went to see a few amazing musicians at Balliceaux, Chris Pureka and Nicole Reynolds after our dinner. If you like soulful folk music, I highly recommend you check them out (also, the drink menu at Balliceaux is phenomenal!).

...and on to dinner. I admit to being thrilled to have a reason to "cook" a raw dinner. We had a fresh salad using the beet tops and spinach from my mom's garden, finely chopped kale, for the extra nutrients,  sprouts, red pepper, raw sunflower seeds, tomato and cucumber, sliced beets and a simple lemon and olive oil dressing. We also decadently consumed fresh mango and apricot!

Once again, the Green Earth Soup made an appearance.  My friend, however,  proclaimed, "this is not soup! It is magic, in a bowl!" Perhaps I should refer to it as such from now on?
So magical, it's upside down! HA!

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