Thursday, June 9, 2011

BEETS!!! Practice Iron Chef

Tonight's dinner was a practice iron chef challenge. We prepared a chilled summer borscht with homemade vegetable stock as an appetizer.
The main course was a beet green and spinach salad topped with sprouts, raw cashews and sunflower seeds,  with red pepper slices and panko fried beets. We made a cashew cream spicy citrus dressing to top off the salad, and plated it with sliced peaches.
I found a recipe for a beet bundt  cake and had to give it a whirl. Think red velvet,  if you want to envision the decadent goodness of this delicious dessert.  I will post the recipe soon.
We saved all the magenta juice remaining from our beet-y delights, mixed it with some sugar and lime juice,  and poured it into a fancy glass to round out the most beet-centric dinner imaginable.  Seriously. If you can imagine a way to consume more beets in one meal, please enlighten me. I dare you!


  1. Here is the recipe for the Beet Bundt Cake:

  2. Nice Blog! I really like the color your camera captures food. Please make the images screen size those photos are too good to squint at. It was really nice meeting you for a split second this past weekend. Hope to make it by the Vegan fest and try to get some better shots of you with food. I'm going thru an Okra phase these days and hoping that may be in a future post.

  3. Aw! Otway, thanks for the compliment! I worry about making the photos any larger, since they are just camera phone pics, But I may just acquiesce if you, as a photographer recommend it! I very much hope you do make it out next Saturday, and I'll see what I can do with okra... I make a mean gumbo!

  4. I looooove beets! This whole menu sounds delish to me! Can't wait to see what you cook up on Saturday!

  5. I was in and out of the festival pretty fast with a friend that did worse in the heat than me. I did do you this panorama :

    Hope things went well it seemed kind of nerve racking but I've worked in a kitchen once upon a time and know how crazy it can be.

    p.s. In early spring I wanted to photograph a fiddle head fern and noticed they were popular to eat also. If you see any to prepare let me know. I live near the TAN-A and have been keeping a look out there and have been meaning to ask the owner when I catch her in a good mood. She pretends like she doesn't know English whens shes cranky.