Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Meet My Sous Chef!

For the first annual Richmond Vegan Iron Chef, I have chosen the most amazingly talented, and fabulous budding vegan chef I know! 

Kayla Serene! 

Kayla has been either vegetarian or vegan her entire life! That is correct, she has never eaten meat-- ever (thanks, for raising an amazing woman, Durga)! She has a passion for cooking, especially desserts, yum! She is also one of the star players for the Richmond Derby Demons, Richmond's premier co-ed OSDA roller derby team. She used to be Minor Threat, till she became legal, and now she goes by Major Threat! 

We will be practicing up a storm for the next two weeks in preparation for the Richmond Vegetarian Festival's first Vegan Iron Chef! 

...can you tell I am excited?!

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