Sunday, January 23, 2011

sunday evening brain dump

Vegan comfort food, huh...

Mac-n-cheeze, always a favorite, always turns out yummy. Jeeze, I've been making it forever, and can't remember where I originally got the recipe from. Not that it matters, it's morphed so many times over the years that I would not likely even make the connection if I did indeed find the recipe I first used. Now, the big question: do I use the famed Daiya or not? I have to give major props to this company, they are THE first vegan cheeze to actually taste like cheese, to actually melt, to contain no soy or any other allergen, and to be available at places like... well okay, you can only get it at Ellwood Thomson's, and that's it, but it should be available everywhere! Prior to the revolutionary Daiya cheeze, us vegans had a pretty spiffy mac-n-cheeze recipe that used a fair amount of nutritional yeast, mustard, margarine, and a bit of miso and liquid smoke (trust me, it really is delicious!). So, to use the faux cheeze or not... I am leaning towards a yes, go for it approach at the moment.

Next I am going with a lentil shepherd's pie, which will not only be delicious, as it is one of my other tried and true always yummy recipes, but it means I will have a ton of things for my students to actively participate in creating. They can help cut up potatoes, celery, peel carrots, etc. I am even more excited because mashed potatoes are not only a comfort food standard, but are one of my very favorite things to bring to an omnivores function, because no one ever realizes that the decadent, rich and creamy mashed potatoes are, in fact dairy free! Well, until I tell them, and then get the same, "Huh! These mashed potatoes are amazing!, I never would of guessed that they were vegan!" response as always.

I am also going to do a kale recipe for the all hallowed comfort food, side of greens. I was thinking of adding Bacos before serving to give it that authentic faux fat back flavor... maybe, the jury is still out on that one. Kale is one of the super foods that provide you with an over abundance of vital minerals and nutrients like calcium, folic acid, A, B, C  and K vitamins that help to prevent cancer, lower your blood pressure and aid in digestion. It is also oh so cheap!!! I absolutely love the stuff! Go Kale!

Is it bad that I do not have any idea for dessert? I'm a savory kinda gal. So I hardly ever make  sweets, and therefore have no recipes on hand. I could try a few from some cookbooks... I'll have to ask around to find out if it is an important aspect to a well rounded cooking class.

Okay, I feel vindicated on my brain dump, and now think I have earned another episode of Dexter!

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