Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall = Butternut Squash Soup. Oh. No. Wait.. Let's Use Sweet Potatoes Instead!

Tonight at the William Byrd Community House we will be making Butternut Squash Soup. As an FYI, You can use sweet potatoes as a great butternut squash substitute. I may just prove this tonight since I have some great heirloom variety sweet potatoes picked straight outta the 17th century gardens at Bacon's Castle in Surry County (about an hour and a half south east of Richmond)! ...Sounds good, doesn't it!?
Built in 1665, this is the oldest brick residence in VA, ask me more, I tell ya a book!

So tonight, at the William Byrd Community Center, come warm up with some deliciously flavorful, and historic fall soup, hang out with me, hear all about the nutritious vegan life style, and if you want, we can talk about historic architecture, too!

Awesome, I know, Right!?

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