Monday, May 16, 2011

VCU is out, go to Sprout!

My coworker and I have long been waiting to dine at Sprout, on Morris Street. Let me start by saying "<3 <3 <3".

We never went for lunch since parking is always such a bear near campus, so the summer is a Richmond vegan foodista's heaven!  The menus are old record covers with photo corners glued in place to hold their ever changing localvore menu. I had the Faux Pho. Delicious! The Mushroom panini bread sandwich was given rave reviews by my coworker as well as the sweet waitress who desperately wants to make vegan cupcakes to put on Sprout's dessert menu (currently there are no vegan dessert options).
Faux Pho!!!

And now for something completely different:

From time to time my neighborhood becomes a dumping ground for unwanted poppetts. So behold this handsome gent!

Yes, I am a sucker for those sweet baby browns! He is my current foster for the time being. I gotta admit, both me and the girls have a crush on him. He is quite a handsome and charming fellow! I will let everyone know how this works out, but I foresee a happy ending in this pup's future (no, not with me, silly)!!!!
seriously! not with me!

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